Native Americans

1968 American Indian Movement

In chapter 27 Foner mentions Native Americans in 2000. In the 2000 census their population ranked in the 4 millions. According to Foner, this was a sign that their population was growing and that they have renewed pride that allowed many Indians to identify themselves as such. This is a major accomplishment considering what most Indians tribes went through in the early 19th century. In chapter 16 Foner discusses about the elimination of the Indian treaty system in 1871 by the federal government, which allowed the Indians to negotiate with the government as if they were independent nations. This was one of the many to come oppressions that followed the Indians, but many groups would soon seek to ratify these oppressions. In chapter 25 Foner discusses the founding of the American Indian Movement in 1968, which sought to protest demanding tribal self government and the restoration of economic resources guaranteed in treaties. Finally, In the 1970’s and so on, many tribes won great control over their education and economic development on their reservations as well as monetary settlements due to claims suits for past dispossessions.

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