What Apps to Load onto iPads We Will Loan?

We are preparing to circulate 50 iPads and must decide which apps will be installed for Day 1.  We already know that the Baruch College app and the Newman Library Anthology of World Literature will be loaded.   (The Anthology is a collection of public domain e-books that correspond to titles that are used in courses at Baruch.)  I have reached out to students to find out what they are installing on their own iPads.  Bishop Mueller Library at Briar Cliff University has posted its selections.  The Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University has also shared its app list.

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5 Responses to What Apps to Load onto iPads We Will Loan?

  1. Gale’s Access My Library app offers access to all the Gale databases we have. The ScienceDirect app is also worth adding.

    It would also be interesting to add some standout books developed specifically for the iPad. I’d recommend getting The Elements: A Visual Exploration and Al Gore’s new book, Our Choice, which was featured in this recent TED Talk video by Mike Matas.

  2. I like the idea of the different free book apps, like iBooks, stanza and others. The news and database apps also sound useful.

  3. Lisa Ellis says:

    I think it would be useful to students to have the following apps:
    NY Times (free?)
    WSJ (free?)
    Dictionary and thesaurus

  4. I think Dropbox would be very useful.

  5. Michael Waldman says:

    The New York Times has an iPad specific app now that actually takes advantage of the bigger screen and actually makes reading easy and pleasurable. I would suggest adding it. 0

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