E-Textbook Use in CIS 9000

As a larger-scale follow up to the e-textbook project with the PSY 1000 class in January 2011, we arranged for the use of an e-textbook in four sections of  CIS 9000 (Information Systems for Managers) in spring 2011 (n = 182).  We followed the same procedures as the PSY 1000 project: students were offered the option of downloading any and all formats of the textbook from the publisher’s site at no cost.   Students were asked to complete the same survey instrument that we used for PSY 1000.  Below are some preliminary data and a complete report will follow.  In the discussion of e-books at the last Tech Sharecase, I heard comments that students are not ready to use e-textbooks at Baruch.  The data from last January and this spring would seem to contradict a generalization on this issue.  There are incentives (e.g., financial) that will persuade students to use an e-textbook.  Once they use one, the great majority report that the format was at least a welcome supplement to print use and in a large number of cases it was an acceptable sole format for use.

Which of the following formats of your course textbook did you use? (Multiple responses allowed)

1. An e-book that I loaded onto my iPad, SonyReader, Entourage Edge, or Kno. = 16 (9%)

2. A PDF file that I read on my computer or laptop. = 103 (57%)

3.  An e-book that I loaded onto my Kindle. = 14 (8%)

4.  A group of Web pages that I accessed from my computer or laptop. = 47 (26%)

5.  None of the above. I only used a paper copy of the book that I bought from the publisher/bookstore or printed out by myself. = 19 (10%)

Did you print all or part of the textbook from the PDF version or from the web site?

Yes = 34%

No = 66%

Based on your experience with the e-textbook in this course, how interested are you in using an e-textbook in your other courses?

1.  I am now more interested in using an e-textbook in my courses. = 64%

2.  I am now less interested in using an e-textbook in my courses. = 8%

3.  My level of interest has not changed since I took this course. = 28%

The students’ written comments on the survey are especially helpful in understanding their perception of the role for e-textbooks at this time and how the library may facilitate the adoption of e-textbooks. More to follow.

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