Consistent Themes with the New Library Website Design

I’ve run across NYU’s website and am impressed at how their LibGuides incorporate the overall Library website design and theme. Rather than looking like the separate platform it is, it conforms to the overall appearance with colors and typography. I hope we can achieve something similar with the redesign for our LibGuides and other integrated platforms.

NYU Website Homepage

NYU Website Homepage

NYU LibGuides

NYU LibGuides

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4 Responses to Consistent Themes with the New Library Website Design

  1. Rita Ormsby says:

    I like these guides and I also like the ones developed by Dartmouth. Here’s a link to the Business Guide:
    I like how the guide incorporates so much other information–workshops,
    new resources, etc. I also like how there is a tab for Government in a Business Guide, as well as Cross Cultural Communication. This is an example of the interdisciplinary nature of the information sources that we all need to think about as they all interact in the “real world.”

  2. Maybe the folks doing the web design of the new site will have some banner images that we can use to customize the look of hosted web services we use (such as LibGuides, the Serials Solutions A-Z journals page, etc.)

  3. @Stephen, yes, maybe we could come up with a list of the logos and banners we need. Or at least, or in addition, have a few high resolution images we can alter to suit our needs down the line.

    @Rita, I also like the Dartmouth guide as it’s a one-page window to everything they have on business.

  4. Arthur says:

    Greanetree has created a banner for LibGuides to match the design for the new web site. We could start to use it early.

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