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“Ask a Librarian” on Library Websites

I just ran across what I think is a great way to position “Ask a Librarian” services on a library web site. Look at how Ohio Universities does it on their LibGuides page and on their News and Events page. It looks clean and clear while offering options for im, chat, phone, e-mail, skype and appointments. It’s also in the same place on the pages, easy-to-find but not “in your face.”

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Kevin Kelly on e-books

Kevin Kelly, author of  What Technology Wants, just posted his thoughts on “What Books Will Become” on his blog The Technium. He talks about what the book might look like (movie-books) and what form their containers might take (ebook readers that fold like newspapers).  He also muses on a future Wikipedia-like world of networked books.

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Mashups at SLA

I attended a program on Mashups at SLA yesterday. Nicole Engard, the editor of the forthcoming book on Library Mashups (published by Information Today), was the speaker. You can find more about the book here. Although I thought some librarians in the audience where more knowlegable about certain technical aspects of working with mashups, Nicole engaged the audience throughout.  She spent most of an hour actually showing examples of mashups used in business settings and in libraries and then did a live demo of how to use Yahoo Pipes to bring together news streams from the Washington Post and the New York Times.  She suggested going to to search for more examples and reading an article by Jody Fagen, “Mashing Up Multiple Web Feeds Using Yahoo! pipes” in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Computers in Libraries. The slides from her talk are on the Library Mashups blog here.

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