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Handheld Librarian V Conference This Week (July 27-28)

We have a site registration to attend on the online Handheld Librarian V conference, which will be this week on Wednesday, July 27, and Thursday, July 28. Any library staff are encouraged to feel free to drop by room 320a starting at 11 am on those days to sit in on the presentations.

Here is a description from the conference organizers about the two-day event:

Day One of the Handheld Librarian V Conference, July 27, 2011, features professional development presentations for librarians by librarians. Presenters share their experiences and insights on topics addressing themes such as eBooks, location-based social networking, lending devices, reference and mobile technologies impacting society. Christina Warren of Mashable will share her insights in fast changing world of digital technologies.

Day Two of the HHLV will feature a FREE Virtual Expo of live presentations by companies and organizations providing mobile products and services for libraries. Visitors will be able to stop by virtual booths from companies such as Boopsie, Innovative Interfaces Inc, Tutor.com, Novare, Bibliofiche and Evanced, and visit in real-time in an informal setting with representatives from each company. Participants will meet Peter Booth Wiley, Chairman of the Board of John Wiley & Sons, as he shares his forward-looking thoughts regarding the evolving world of book publishing.

A detailed program for the event is also available.

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OpenSciNY: Free Conference at NYU

NYU’s Bobst Library is hosting a free conference, OpenSciNY, on May 14 that looks like it will be very interesting. The conference website notes that the event will focus on discussing the “impact of publicly accessible scientific tools & resources, open access publishing in the sciences, and open data/notebook efforts.”

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Vint Cerf at Internet Librarian

The folks at Information Today have set up a site on Ustream where you can watch videos of presentations from Internet Librarian, which is going on this week in Monterey, California. If you drop by the Internet Librarian page in Ustream, you might find live webcasts as well as previously recorded session, such as this one of Vint Cerf!

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Tech Sharecase, 16 October 2009

Arthur Downing, Ellen Kaufman, Stephen Francoeur, Harold Gee, Joseph Hartnett, Ryan Phillips, Mike Waldman

We discussed the challenges that the CUNY Office of Library Services is facing as it tries to set up ARC (Aleph 500 Reporting Center), which is a product from Ex Libris that allows Aleph 500 customers to generate sophisticated reports on the items in the catalog and their use.

Capturing User Experience
Ryan discussed capturing user experiences, some ideas and tools presented by Michael Lascarides as part of the NYPL Service Excellence symposium in September. Michael Lascarides is a User Analyst with the Digital Experience Group at NYPL. His presentation was titled  “Uncovering Stories”. Two takeaways from his presentation discussed were how to capture user experiences and how users react to bad design and bad user experiences. One tool he mentioned for capturing users’ online experiences is Google Analytics, a tool for analyzing web site traffic. (If you are reading this blog post on the web, then you can view the slides from Lascarides’ presentation below.)

SFX Page with Links to Google Books
We discussed the draft of the SFX FIND IT page that offers Google Books as a target when the item presented is a book that happens to be fully or partially available in Google Books. We also discussed the problems we had a few years ago with a trial to Safari Books.

SFX and bX
We also discussed the Ex Libris bX Recommender, which would function similarly to the Amazon recommendation feature (i.e., “You might also like…”). This tool, highlighted in Eric’s recent email about SFX options, presents article suggestions when you click the SFX Find It link next to an item in your search results. Stephen mentioned that Dave Pattern of University of Huddersfield gave a presentation at Internet Librarian International on how he uses transaction data from his catalog for “you might like” feature in his catalog. (If you are reading this blog post on the web, you can view the slides below; otherwise, you can find them online at Slideshare.)

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TED Talk Tuesdays

Eric Frierson, a librarian at the University of Texas, Arlington, wrote recently about an interesting way to engage library staff about core issues:

A couple of weeks ago, I sent out an e-mail to the library inviting them to join me on something I called ‘TED Talk Tuesdays.’ If you haven’t been to ted.com, you should check it out. It features videos from leading thinkers in the technology, entertainment, design, business, science, and other fields – speakers are asked to give ‘the speech of their life’ in under 20 minutes.

So what is TED Talk Tuesday? It’s people in a room watching a TED Talk and spending the rest of the hour discussing how it impacts the library and each other at work. No discussion questions, no formal presentation, just watching a video and talking to each other.

Read the rest of his post here. Below are some of my favorite TED talks.

Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity

Ray Kurzweil Announces Singularity University

Tim Berners-Lee on the Next Web

Brewster Kahle Builds a Free Digital Library

There are many more videos to explore on this page, where they are organized by themes and topics.

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Mashups at SLA

I attended a program on Mashups at SLA yesterday. Nicole Engard, the editor of the forthcoming book on Library Mashups (published by Information Today), was the speaker. You can find more about the book here. Although I thought some librarians in the audience where more knowlegable about certain technical aspects of working with mashups, Nicole engaged the audience throughout.  She spent most of an hour actually showing examples of mashups used in business settings and in libraries and then did a live demo of how to use Yahoo Pipes to bring together news streams from the Washington Post and the New York Times.  She suggested going to programmableweb.com to search for more examples and reading an article by Jody Fagen, “Mashing Up Multiple Web Feeds Using Yahoo! pipes” in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Computers in Libraries. The slides from her talk are on the Library Mashups blog here.

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