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Course Weblogs at Baruch

If you’d like to get a better sense of the curriculum in some of the courses for the departments you are a liaison to, browsing through the course weblogs hosted by the Blogs @ Baruch service might be a good place to go. Some course blogs are primarily discussion platforms for students while others mimic course websites in Blackboard by offering syllabi, handouts, links to readings, etc.

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Articles on Liaison Efforts in Research Libraries

I haven’t had a chance to read the August 2009 issue of Research Library Issues, but the table of contents looks pretty interesting. Lots of stuff about liaison work.

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Having Fun with Librarian Profile Pages

A friend of mine at the library at Carleton College shared on FriendFeed the new “trading cards” that she and her colleagues created as a fun way to promote themselves to the students. The new batch of trading cards mimics the look of 1950s/1960s era jazz records. The library has also created archives of previous iterations of trading cards they’ve done (including one year’s edition that mimicked the look of comic books).

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Rogue Assignments

Last year, Nina McHale offered in College and Research Libraries News some interesting advice about how to handle the rogue assignment, which she defines as one that “is a faculty-created, library-related assignment that, having been developed with the best possible intentions, is in some way out of sync with a library‚Äôs resources or does not provide students with a thorough introduction to them.” The article by McHale and an interview of her can be freely found online.

McHale, Nina. “Eradicating the Rogue Assignment: Intervention and Prevention.” College and Research Libraries News 69.5 (2008): n. pag. Web. 19 June 2009.

McHale, Nina. Interview by David Free. ACRL insider. Association of College and Research Libraries, 9 May 2008. Web. 19 June 2009.

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