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Course Weblogs at Baruch

If you’d like to get a better sense of the curriculum in some of the courses for the departments you are a liaison to, browsing through the course weblogs hosted by the Blogs @ Baruch service might be a good place to go. Some course blogs are primarily discussion platforms for students while others mimic course websites in Blackboard by offering syllabi, handouts, links to readings, etc.

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How Students Learn Research Methods from Faculty

InsideHigherEd has just given Mary George, a reference librarian at Princeton University, a blog on their web site. Titled Keywords from a Librarian, the blog features an initial post in which George explains:

Teaching faculty have immense persuasive power; we librarians do not. What we do have are sweeping views of what scholars are up to, a grasp of how researchers do their business and what evidence ensues, and a knack for identifying and locating that evidence. By and large faculty and academic librarians respect one another’s expertise and collaborate happily. But where and how do our apprentices-either undergraduates or graduate students – learn the process and logic of source seeking? That is the question that haunts me and inspires this blog.

George, Mary. “An Introduction.” Keywords from a Librarian. InsideHigherEd, 18 August 2009. Web.

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