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Tech Sharecase, 3 February 2012

In light of the rumored Facbook IPO we began by discussing the information Facebook keeps about its users and their activities. We watched a video posted on Information Aesthetics  regarding an Austrian Law student named Max who issued a request to Facebook  for his personal data and received a CD containing a 1,222 page document detailing his online activities. EU privacy law compels companies to respond to such information requests from citizens within 40 days.

Apropos this conversation, this past weekend On the Media reported on this very case as well as other stories during this weekend’s episode: “The Facebook Show”.  The recent  publication of “Web of Deceit: Misinformation and Manipulation in the Age of Social Media” by Anne P. Mintz was also noted during the discussion.

This lead to a review of the recent addition of  U.S. Consumer/Lifestyle information to the ReferenceUSA database and the sources for the info contained in this dataset.

We also discussed various  forms librarians have built with Qualtrics and the challenges in creating them. Below is one such form for library book purchasing which can be shared with faculty and departments:


Other topics
Lastly, we discussed Clicker registration for Fall semester as well as scanning and printing policies and procedures.

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