The Little Prince- 1943

g.arrieta on Dec 10th 2015

Historical Document

The little prince was created by Antione de Saint Exupery and was published in America in 1943. The book was inspired by an event that the author had in 1935. In this year got into a plane crash, and landed in the middle of the Arabian. desert a long with his pilot. They were stranded for about a week, and began to experience hallucinations because of the heat. This experience led him to create the story of a man who was flying a plane and gets stranded in a desert where he meets a little boy who calls himself the little prince. The author uses this story to teach kids not just about his experience in the desert, but how he felt in his in transition from living in France to North America, such as loneliness and sadness. This story presents psychosis to children using emotions other than common fear.

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