The Life of a Navy College Student (Eric Heo)

The person that I chose for my Person Story Assignment is one of my close friends, David Jang. I chose David as the subject of my assignment because he lives such a normal college student life while juggling school, work, Navy work, and his personal life. This ironically makes his life interesting, for me at least, because he is able to manage his time so well.
Being in the Navy reserves, does not limit his life as a college student. While attending school, working at a restaurant and serving in the Navy, David is able to do normal college student things. He finds the time to study, play video games, walk his dog, and even be a part of a basketball league.


  1. It would be most helpful to see some text and/or captions to understand what his current status with the Navy is. But certainly, the opening shot sets the stage very well. He seems to be very active and engaged in his activities. I suggest eliminating photos of him either drinking or eating or smoking (duplicate) which become repetitive.

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