The Ramayana is a story about a strong wise prince and his beautiful wife, Sita. Rama was due to become the king, but was instead banished because of a promise that the king had to keep to his wife, Kaikeyi, who wanted her favorite son, Bharata to become the next king. So Rama was sent into exile in the forest for fourteen years. Sita, Ramas wife, accompanies Rama into he forest. They live a happy and simple life in the forest, until one day Sita gets abducted by King Ravana, the king of Lanka. Rama sets out to recapture his beloved wife Sita. Ravana likes Sita and wants to be with her, but all Sita cares about is Rama. Rama eventually fins King Ravana and Sita, and he defeats the King and recaptures his wife. When Rama finds out that Ravana caused Sita to be unpure, he no longer wants to be with Sita, even though he went through all of that trouble to save her. Sita undergoes tests of purity and passs, but they do not matter to Rama and Sita leaves. This story is very gripping and interesting. It shows the love that two people shared and how it all was lost.

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2 Responses to Ramayana

  1. jiawen.wu3 says:

    Sita, actually is the worst woman i ever read in the articles, a woman should not be so attatched to her husband, she should learn how to be strong, and if your husband don’t trust you, then why you have to stay with him anymore?

  2. akim says:

    interesting and thoughtful. why would rama test sita then in the end, say he doesnt want her.

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