The Diary of a Mad Woman

So Medea isn’t a mad “black” woman per say but she was mad indeed. I would be mad to if my husband decided to wed another woman and kick me out of my home. Tyler Perry’s movie “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” has many similarities with Medea’s story. This is sort of ironic considering that the main character of all of Tyler Perry’s works is a powerful woman named Medea, although in this particular story the woman scorned is Medea’s niece. So let me break down the story, Helen is the devoted wife to an attorney, Charles. Helen has put her mother into a nursing home and severed all ties with her family because that’s what her husband wanted her to do. She has no education and she supported her husband while he was going through school.  The drama starts when Helen goes home one night and sees new clothes in her living room. Assuming it’s hers, she becomes overjoyed until Charles come’s homes and tells her it’s for his fiancé/the mother of his children. He tells Helen he wants a divorce and that her stuff is in a moving truck outside of the house and she needs to leave right away. It’s beautiful how works like Medea could inspire current stories such as Diary of a Mad Black Woman. It’s even more amazing how Medea could still be so relevant to the lives of women today.

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