The Only Thing That’s Constant is Change

Change is the only consistency that we can be sure of in life. We are constantly evolving and transforming. The Metamorphoses’ collection of stories all demonstrate transformation. The stories give examples of actual bodily changes; things such as women transforming into tree’s or cows. I still look at these changes metaphorically. For instance, in Apollo and Daphne when Daphne turns into a tree I don’t look at that as her literally turning into a tree. Instead I look at it as her becoming one with the earth and becoming numb to the fact that she was being pursued by an unwanted suitor. We all transform in one way or another when we are dealing with a stressful situation. A new job, a new child or living on your own for the first time can cause a person to spread his or her wings and become a butterfly. It is up to the individual to decide how they will let a situation to affect them. Daphne let her situation break her, she turned into a tree, she preferred to be an immobile life form instead of facing her problems. Stressful situations add to my growth. If I feel threatened I turn into a bull, if I’m feeling sad I turn into a timid little puppy with those big sad eyes. But, on an everyday basis, I like to transform to a lion; the “king of the jungle,” looking all danger and troubles in the face.

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