Marie de France

Even though Marie de France integrated loyalty and honor into Chevrefoil and Lanval, the poet writing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight elevated both loyalty and honor to exceed previous works. Marie de France was able to have a gloomy outlook on love most of the time, but they also defied the traditions of love within the church. She wrote about adulterous affairs, women of high stature that seduced men which gave the idea that women can have sexual freedom. Even though that was very much untrue! She even wrote lais that supported many mistresses, all of which were against the traditions of the church and the idea of virginal love and marriage. The lais also exhibit the idea of a stronger female role and power.

Her story of Sir Gawain was a simple story of a woman who loved another man and would leave the bed of the man she was married to for the knight. Marie de France made it dark and creepy after the killing of the bird occurred and then the sharing of the bird. Once that took place the story changed from a possibly sweet love story to a shady and very odd one. Overall Marie de France was a strong feminist that proved to men that woman are stronger and can withstand any obstacle that they endure.

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