Seven Day Log

DAY 1:

I was very nervous to start this journey because like most of us, I have never created a page for Wikipedia nor did I ever want to before. However when learning about “women in Red” it made me realize how important it was to actually take part in the process and make a change. Women are often overlooked in society and have been for many years but as a young adult and a women myself it feels as though I’m helping out in a way to spread the word about these women who have greatly contributed to our history. So the first thing I did was create a Wikipedia profile of course. I thought this process was going to take some time to do but it was fairly fast and simple. This made me realized how easy anyone can just make a page and edit information on there…. my teachers were right.

DAY 2:

So this day consisted of me actually learning how to use the website since it the first time I’d be creating an article. I play the “Wikipedia Adventure” game. At first I thought it was a lot of information being thrown at me but I really did learn a few things from it. They have like a completely different system for how they do things… its not like Facebook or twitter. I don’t know why I thought it would be like that. There was a lot of small minor steps that you had to follow just so that you could even reply to a comment which to me is kinda stressful and confusing but it feels like a challenge so I kinda like it.

DAY 3:

Okay so now that I have the hang on things…sorta, it was time to pick a women in red! I wanted someone who had most of the boxes filled out (I picked the WD) so that it would be easier for me to do research on. After process of elimination I final found her. Meet our girl!!

Mira Sharpless Townsend

DAY 3:

So for this day I wanted to get an idea of how to edit and that’s exactly what I did. I went on a few pages and fix minor mistakes for example grammar and punctuation. Thanks to the “Wikipedia Adventure” game this process was easy but there is still a lot I need to learn about editing. I went ahead and looked up videos for reference since I’m more of a visual learner and got straight to work.

DAY 4:

On this day I went ahead and compared different pages in Wikipedia to see for myself the gender bias and the feminist theory. I looked up two names Melania Trump and Jeff Bezos. I was assuming that because they are both very well known tat they would have a lot of information on their page but to my surprise this wasn’t the case. Melania’s pages revolved around her husband even when mentioning her success while Jeff had basically an essay’s worth just on his childhood and early life.

DAY 5:

I started researching about the woman I chose to get an idea of who she was and what did she contribute and from this I gained a couple interesting facts. She’s from Philadelphia. She advocated for social reform movements. She had six children but unfortunately only two made it to adult hood.

DAY 6:

I started writing down on a notebook somethings that I would like to be mentioned in the page. I read that articles on how not to be biased when writing an article and I think that might be a challenge. I know that being biased goes against the guidelines and I have to be very careful with that. Another challenge that I have ran into was adding pictures. I tried to do it when fixing and editing other article but still haven’t gotten the hang of it so I will watch more videos on how to do so.

DAY 7:

I have gathered all the information for Mari (women in red) and feel as though I am ready to start my article. There is still something I need to look up but they are minor details. I am researching how to get started on writing and article and reviewing the 5 pillars so that I acn actually get started!

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  1. ADAM MAPOY says:

    I admire your effort in researching gender bias on Wikipedia with Jeff Bezos and Melania Trump. I found it very unfair how according to your findings that Melania Trump’s page revolved around her husband, and that Jeff Bezos’ contained information concerning his child life up to now.

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