Ten Point Program

Amy Lee, Summer Green, Ethan Jusino, Hope ki

  1. We demand affordable higher education.
  2. We demand an established secured process in order to acquire a gun.
  3. We demand a redistribution of the governments spending to the homeless and the city instead of the military.
  4. We want companies that use non renewable resource energy to be taxed and use that towards environmental groups.
  5. We want women’s reproductive rights to be left alone and to be fully up her.
  6. We demand affordable healthcare.
  7. We want the conservatives and progressives to make an equilibrium point.
  8. We want government officials penalized for wrongfully abusing power on an innocent citizen.
  9. We want drugs restricted on public grounds.
  10. We demand equality to everyone no matter the gender.
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6 Responses to Ten Point Program

  1. JING WANG says:

    I agree that is women’s choice to have a child or not. They have the choice to keep it or do abortion. There also should have stricter control on guns. Some people shouldn’t have guns out in public areas such as restaurants, malls, schools and ect.

  2. MIA MUNOZ says:

    I agree on having a process to get a gun, specially after knowing how children can get their hands on them easily.

  3. MAGGIE LIN says:

    I agree with number 5. Women should be able to make decisions on whether or not to keep the child or not to. I also agree that there should be equality for everyone no matter what gender.

  4. I agree with #2. I hate to hear the multiple times there shootings going around in schools. Or gangfires going on around the city.

  5. After the death of George Floyd and the rallying support of the BLM movement, we definitely got a view on the increasing disparity of social injustice on the part of the police force. Even more so, when that social injustice is brought to court, the law often takes the side of those under it and so, many cases end up not being rightfully carried out. So I definitely agree with you on #8, there has to be a stop with people who work for the people but end up violating the people’s rights. And it’s just not police officers, we got teachers, agents, FBI, politicians and so many others that end up hurting justice so I am glad to see that you have used an umbrella term like “government officials”.

  6. I like how inclusive you guys made your ten point program, it covers enduring issues in many different cultural and societal groups.

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