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Final reflection

Ethan Jusino 

Prof Perry 

Eng 2150 

Going into this semester I feel like I knew what to expect from this course, and to be honest I did get my expectations met that is for sure. When it came down to assignments I definitely did better towards the end of the semester compared to the beginning of the semester. It was just that my work ethic got better when there was more to actually do. During the Black Panther Party project I definitely underdid the work and I saw it when I compared it to the wikipedia project which is just crazy to think about due to the fact that I really enjoyed both projects. I put more effort into the second and third projects compared to the first and my grades reflect that. I got a lower grade on the first project and that sort of motivated me to do better for the last two projects. I did some different techniques and even broke the night a few times to finish the other projects.

I really enjoyed posting my 7 day wikipedia log because it was the most personal thing towards me as it was for everyone else. Seeing all the logs was really nice to look at because it was a unique experience. My peers offered me both their opinions and good critiques. I did enjoy looking at some of the comments that they gave me because I tried to use them in my own work. I did also enjoy giving them their own pieces of advice. Trying to use some of my own techniques and some of my peers has allowed me to improve some things about my work, like instead of going straight to the point I started making it more thorough and giving more details about certain things. 

Lastly , the most challenging assignment was also my favorite one which was the entire women in read project. It was a long process which is why it was the most difficult as well because having pretty much zero information on the internet. Then creating essays and a wikipedia article that ultimately got deleted. I can safely say I had a lot of fun doing this project, even though it pushed me to my limits at night because I wanted to do as much as possible instead of just waiting to do it at the last minute. I know in the future I will not wait more than a day after the assignment is given to start writing something on it.

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Reflective essay

Ethan Jusino

Prof Perry 

Eng 2150 

To introduce this reflection paper I would like to say that it was a pleasure to actually do this, turning an old piece of work into something new. The project I chose was the most recent one. Since I had a lot of the information on the woman in red that I chose, which was Celina Acosta Vice, I decided to do a podcast of my essay. Explaining it in my own words was not easy and in fact it was quite difficult because I decided to wing it by reading certain things off my essay paper which I know I did really well. 

Overall while deciding on what to use for my multimedia project I ultimately thought about who the intended audience was, I was thinking beyond the classroom so with the tone of my voice I tried to keep in informative. However I know I couldn’t do that without sounding like a robot so I did also try to slightly change the tone as well which would make it more interesting. I knew that it would be anyone that had the ability to find this podcast and listen to it on Spotify. Now the purpose was to educate people on who Celina Acosta Vice was and what her life was like, to show people that her accomplishments were very undermined because of the fact that pretty much everywhere you look to try to find her name it is either erased or forgotten. It is a nice look back in the history of women and how their achievements were almost fully forgotten based on their looks. 

Now the difference between choosing the Black Panther Party versus making the Wikipedia project was more of the creativity to it based on the information that we have researched and put together. I really decided to choose the Wikipedia project because I built that from the ground up. I had to find as much data as possible for it and then create an article for it. It was fine at first due to the fact that I had been able to use all of my information to form a nice little article even if it ultimately got deleted. Why did I choose to do a podcast though? Well the answer to that is simple, I just really wanted to sit down and talk about this person for as much time as I could. Just sitting back and relaxing with music and putting on my educational/ relaxed tone of voice really made the experience easier for me. It allowed me to focus more on actually getting the information out there rather than worrying about how I sound and what I look like. Not that I am self conscious, it just makes life easier to be faceless. I listened to podcasts before I even had the idea to make my own and it was always really interesting because of the fact that there was either one person talking or there were multiple people. After listening to around 30 hours worth of podcasts I discovered that either the independent or the ones with one or two guests worked really well. 

The benefits of using the  multimedia format allows for many different views to be explained differently. Like in my essay I talked about a small amount of her work before Acosta Vice became a politician, but in my podcast I talked more about it and how she was really struggling keeping her life stable because of the lack of opportunities. In addition, during my podcast I described why she kept going just a bit more so than in my essay because it was easier to fathom the words to speak instead of the words to type it. It really comes down to which types of media is used as well because infographics are really good as well when paired with little pieces of text as well. 

Due to how quickly this project came after the previous one I ran into multiple issues. Having run through a few scripts for the video essay that I scrapped completely because it just did not sound like me at all. I am more of a natural speaker and I sort of don’t like scripts because of the lack of variety in tone of voice. When reading off a piece of paper for me it is more robotic and less enthusiastic which is what I try to avoid entirely. My voice can be very soothing which I feel is good for a podcast, my friends also listened to the podcast and they were like my voice is really nice and the music in the background only made it better. If I had done let’s say infographics , I would have been able to include a bunch of photos related to the time period and Acosta Vice herself. However I just could not get it to work at all. So having some experience with podcasts I knew what I could include. It was not like I just did a one and done thing though because some of the audio files got corrupted so I then had to redo the entire 6 minutes of the podcast and try to remember what exactly I said word for word. So even though I had known what I was doing when it came to the podcast option, it did challenge me just enough to almost consider doing something else completely. 

Finally , to better demonstrate why I made it public on spotify is that it is a very popular streaming service and easily accessible to anyone on practically any device. I could go on my playstation and load up spotify and just play my own podcast if I want to. It is not about me though, it is about the audience of people I want to listen to and to put it simply that is anyone that likes podcasts about people. Whenever I am on the train in NYC I’ve noticed that there are a bunch of people that actually listen to podcasts and some of them I have never even heard of. This piece of work is made for anyone that really wants to view it, which can be from a college professor all the way to a highschooler that wants to learn something interesting. 

In conclusion I understand that the way I use my voice and change my tone allows for a better experience because having one voice is not really enticing. Also choosing a podcast was a smart decision by me because I had background music that really fit with my voice, it also helped me get my point across in a different way. There were many constraints when it came to it like how the platform worked and what other options I had. As well as having full control in creativity. Lastly the audience was arguably the most important because everyone is on their phone now listening to anything.

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Ethan J’s podcast

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Ethan’s Proposal

So for this “final” project I have decided to talk about the Wikipedia / women in red as I am working independently. I will be doing more of a video essay where I talk about how women in the 21st century are treated and how not much has changed since the 60s-70s. In my research based essay I discussed a woman named Celina Acosta Vice and how she was undermined for all of her accomplishments in life ever since she was pretty young. Also I discussed how she along with many other women have been treated as nothing more than less or inferior to men. Acosta Vice however did a lot in her life, and she was the first to do it. It was even arguable to say that she did it better than a man could have. During this new project I will talk about the minor things I touched upon during my essay.

After making adjustments towards the essay and making a script to talk about it the treatment of of women in the 21st century referring to Acosta Vice’s life. I will also try to show something related to how women are treated. My mediums will be news sources that are actually reliable and in my video essay I will thoroughly talk about how long it has been for women since they were treated this way.

( Video essay is subject to change ) 🙂

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What songs describe you ?

So while scrolling through articles to pick from I have decided to chose the one simply titled “What songs Explain You” by Jeremy Engle. It was not super difficult to choose around two to three songs simply because of my mindset. Now the first one that came to my mind was “After Dark ” by Mr. Kitty yes that is the chosen name of the artist however the song itself is really good. Its about someone meeting another person somewhere and they get really close to each other. The song is really nice and calming to a degree. It is nice to have in the background because it makes you feel good even if you have harsh memories. This song has allowed me to really get over my failures and past issues because I think of it as a calming sensation to me and I listen to it heavily when I work out.

Another song I have that I feel describes me is “Not Over Yet” By Rapper KSI. I chose this one because it is about growth and improvement and one of the lyrics is ” I tell myself its not over yet”. Personally I relate to it because I know that growing as a person it requires the mentality to keep going. It is not easy because it feels like you’re not worth it. Growth does require a lot of work whether it be training physically or mentally.

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Wikipedia Article

Celia Acosta Vice was a woman born in Guayanilla Puerto Rico in 1919. Her family Moved to New York City in 1926 where she remained for most of her life. She became a businesswoman in her life and had already made big impacts in the city by the 19th forties. She was an organizing member of the five member council in Brooklyn NY. Acosta Vice was soon recognized as a community leader, Acosta Vice sat on the committees for the city’s school decentralization and on the Brooklyn branch of The Urban League. Vice became very well known because of her tremendous feats of growing herself as the first latina real estate broker. Celia Acosta Vice was among the founders of the Fernando Sierra Vardeci Independent Democratic Club, Acosta Vice was named to the Commission on Human Rights in 1961.

She was not just doing politics she was also keeping her pride in her Puerto Rican heritage alive.[edit]

As a woman it must have been hard during the early 70s to really own your own businesses. However Celia Acosta Vice was able to do so because of the fact that she was already well known and had connections in real estate to where she could find a building, buy it and make it in to a book store. Now this book store only sold Puerto Rican topics and items and it was meant to show the other people that everyone has their own culture. “She collected books, art, and also operated a small museum. With newspaper columns in the New York World Telegram and the Williamsburg News and her appearances on the WBAI radio station in 1977 and 1978, Vice was able to address a broader audience of Puerto Ricans.”

It was her mission to keep Puerto Rican heritage in her family for generations and she eventually returned to Puerto Rico but passed away in 1993 due to natural cases.[edit]


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Seven Day Log

Ethan Jusino 

Prof. Perry 

Eng 2150 (Mon & Wed ) 

Due 03-29-23 

                        ( Done consecutive days ) 

Day 1. 03/21

Now day one was hard because I had to get a friend across the country to make an account for me . It was funny though because he used his main email address when I told him to use a back up. So I logged in and only really read articles. Didn’t do much. 

Day 2 

Did more reading and edited an article on a series called Sharknado. I tried to be as unbiased as possible , but I remember just how bad those movies were.  

Day 3 

Edited an article on a town in Arkansas , I only really did it because I was extremely bored and noticed that they still haven’t updated the population of this town. It had been over 13 years since it was posted so I just fixed certain small ticks like that. 

Day 4. 

Didn’t edit just scrolled through wikidata and other articles about famous people because I wanted to see how biased  “unbiased editors” actually were. Turns out it was just a title. 

Day 5. Searched up an article on snoring and talk about what I should do to stop others from snoring. Still waiting on responses from other people in order to keep it going. 

Day 6. Made a quick spelling check on random articles because I got bored after working on my own article while waiting for it to be reviewed because of the fact that 

Wikipedia is very strange. 

Day 7 

My full article got deleted , so I started deleting small facts from posts that were not verified at all. Got angry at Wikipedia and I do not regret my decision. Overall it is an old website that has not had many updates which makes it annoying to use. Looks more useful for computer science.

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The Man Who Armed the Black Panthers

Out of the list the videos that really interested me the most was the one titled ” The Man Who Armed the Panthers “. Now I say this because I did not know how they originally got their hands on weapons. So when watching this 10 minute video it is interesting because right off the bat they tell you that the man who armed the “BPP” was Richard Aoki. It is also key to understand that since this was only around the 1960s most people that knew the “BPP” were still alive because it had only been anywhere from 30 to 40 years. I like that the reporter who was writing about the Panthers brought in an informant that was a former member of the FBI named Burney Threadgill. When the reporter questions Aoki he asks if Aoki remembers Threadgill, and Aoki claims no he didn’t but which is a thing most controversial people do to bury the past. Aoki understood the issues at hand because of another figure who was Malcom X. He provided guns and training which is really good to see because he was a Japanese man and people never thought that this was possible. The FBI used him as an informant but did not black out his name which is an old thing to do unless they considered him low valuable. I overall enjoyed this film because it was able to pack in a lot of information over the 10 minutes. I like the ending where Aoki says that the FBI never paid him and that the whole situation was complex. Overall rating is a 7.8 out of 10.

Edit Film review : Judas and the Black Messiah Now going into this film I had no idea of what to expect for some reason as I’ve never actually seen it when I was taught about the BPP when in high-school. They mostly kept it to books and articles. However during this particular film I enjoyed it all the way through. I really enjoyed when William O’Neale (Bill) started mentally degrading because of all the pressure he is going through while working with the FBI and BPP. Over the course of his character arc he went from being mentally clear to being mentally unstable. It is crazy to think about because when he met another agent that gave him something to make Fred Hampton sleep longer. That same agent after walking away and getting in his car while Bill followed and screamed for an ID hands Bill back his own fake ID. I lost it at that moment like woah. It really was like Bill was being tormented by the FBI as well because they just wouldn’t let him escape. Anyway I give this movie based on character acting , historic accuracy , etc a solid 8.4 out of 10.

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Interview Question

Hello fellow classmates, my name is Ethan Jusino. I did not have the pleasure of being there in class on the 25th because I was burying my grandmother ( rest her soul). I am now going to be attending class.

I did unfortunately forget who I was talking to as it has been a couple of days but I do remember being asked what was my most prized physical possession and to me it is my PS5. I know it sounds corny but during my life time it allows me to escape my reality for a little but. It also helps me manage time because I know how long I’ve been on it do to a timer I can pull up on it.

As for my partner I believe they said their phone , I unfortunately do not remember why.

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