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Celia Acosta Vice was a woman born in Guayanilla Puerto Rico in 1919. Her family Moved to New York City in 1926 where she remained for most of her life. She became a businesswoman in her life and had already made big impacts in the city by the 19th forties. She was an organizing member of the five member council in Brooklyn NY. Acosta Vice was soon recognized as a community leader, Acosta Vice sat on the committees for the city’s school decentralization and on the Brooklyn branch of The Urban League. Vice became very well known because of her tremendous feats of growing herself as the first latina real estate broker. Celia Acosta Vice was among the founders of the Fernando Sierra Vardeci Independent Democratic Club, Acosta Vice was named to the Commission on Human Rights in 1961.

She was not just doing politics she was also keeping her pride in her Puerto Rican heritage alive.[edit]

As a woman it must have been hard during the early 70s to really own your own businesses. However Celia Acosta Vice was able to do so because of the fact that she was already well known and had connections in real estate to where she could find a building, buy it and make it in to a book store. Now this book store only sold Puerto Rican topics and items and it was meant to show the other people that everyone has their own culture. “She collected books, art, and also operated a small museum. With newspaper columns in the New York World Telegram and the Williamsburg News and her appearances on the WBAI radio station in 1977 and 1978, Vice was able to address a broader audience of Puerto Ricans.”

It was her mission to keep Puerto Rican heritage in her family for generations and she eventually returned to Puerto Rico but passed away in 1993 due to natural cases.[edit]


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