What songs describe you ?

So while scrolling through articles to pick from I have decided to chose the one simply titled “What songs Explain You” by Jeremy Engle. It was not super difficult to choose around two to three songs simply because of my mindset. Now the first one that came to my mind was “After Dark ” by Mr. Kitty yes that is the chosen name of the artist however the song itself is really good. Its about someone meeting another person somewhere and they get really close to each other. The song is really nice and calming to a degree. It is nice to have in the background because it makes you feel good even if you have harsh memories. This song has allowed me to really get over my failures and past issues because I think of it as a calming sensation to me and I listen to it heavily when I work out.

Another song I have that I feel describes me is “Not Over Yet” By Rapper KSI. I chose this one because it is about growth and improvement and one of the lyrics is ” I tell myself its not over yet”. Personally I relate to it because I know that growing as a person it requires the mentality to keep going. It is not easy because it feels like you’re not worth it. Growth does require a lot of work whether it be training physically or mentally.

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