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Project 3: Creative Remix Proposal

For the third project, I intend to focus on the first project we worked on. I will be talking about how differently and similarly the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement used their resources in order to speak out about what they believed in. Through my podcast, I will be able to give a further in-depth analysis of why each movement used their source of campaign for their time period. I would like to recite some raw sources like newspaper clippings or specific social media posts.

I anticipate the medium will change the message being derived as instead of reading about an article or paper, you will be audibly educated. While conducting this assignment, I will be referencing back to my first project a lot. I believe that while delivering my project, you will be able to find a positive correlation between the two movements and the effects they both had on one another.

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How Much Do You Think It Matters Where You Go to College?

Scrolling through the articles I was looking for something I can personally connect to. A topic I can go in depth and give an opinion on. I know talking about college applications are a topic everyone goes for, but you don’t know how much it matters until the time comes. The so called “college experience” seems to take over a student’s mind and they only search for the highest ranked or prestigious colleges hoping to fulfill their dreams. I always firmly believed a student should reflect deeply on what sort of experience they truly want, factor in what is financially realistic for them and consider those colleges first rather than simply assemble a wish list of colleges based on their rankings alone. Going to a college far away from home or abroad is a major change and often really expensive without a scholarship, but even so the search for the perfect college experience doesn’t end there.

Do you agree with Mr. Bruni that, for many Americans, the process of applying to colleges has “devolved into a scholastic version of ‘The Hunger Games’”? Have you seen that at your school?

This classification can be very relatable as the drive for a chance at a successful career and nothing else can change someone. At my high school our guidance counselors really pushed us to apply almost forcing it upon us at times. As well as applying for schools that seemed fit for us which often felt reflected off of our grades. I believed in searching for a college that was within my financial range and relatively close by. In the end we as students shouldn’t be defined by our college status and don’t get so caught up in the “experience”. We should sit and reflect on how our choice will affect us in the long run.

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What songs describe you ?

So while scrolling through articles to pick from I have decided to chose the one simply titled “What songs Explain You” by Jeremy Engle. It was not super difficult to choose around two to three songs simply because of my mindset. Now the first one that came to my mind was “After Dark ” by Mr. Kitty yes that is the chosen name of the artist however the song itself is really good. Its about someone meeting another person somewhere and they get really close to each other. The song is really nice and calming to a degree. It is nice to have in the background because it makes you feel good even if you have harsh memories. This song has allowed me to really get over my failures and past issues because I think of it as a calming sensation to me and I listen to it heavily when I work out.

Another song I have that I feel describes me is “Not Over Yet” By Rapper KSI. I chose this one because it is about growth and improvement and one of the lyrics is ” I tell myself its not over yet”. Personally I relate to it because I know that growing as a person it requires the mentality to keep going. It is not easy because it feels like you’re not worth it. Growth does require a lot of work whether it be training physically or mentally.

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