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Wrap-Around: World Hockey News Headlines

December 16, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Advanced Stats: Puck possession is what advanced stats boils down to, in this Boston Blog about the Boston Bruins fourth line, there is no parallel between the groups stellar play and awful “corsi” numbers.

Wanted: hockey needs athletic trainers according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

Medical Prevention: Bad news, the injury bug has infected the NHL’s elite players early this season. But this year is different, it’s not concussions or lacerations, rather, the mumps are running rampant throughout the league as well as several cases of blood clots. These two news stories are worth an educational read.

Another Coach Fired: Dallas Eakins, head coach of the Edmonton Oilers has finally been relieved of his coaching duties. If you missed his final twenty-seven minute long interview, then you didn’t miss much, here’s a recap and bid of farewell to the coach that cared too much.

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