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5 Elements for first time entrepreneurs

December 20, 2014 Written by | No Comments

With anything, there are always key elements to helping you get further with your aspirations. In entrepreneurship, there many elements to aide you with starting your business. Below I will list what I deem the most important.

1. Research

Every entrepreneur should always stay abreast of entrepreneurial information. Whether you research online, read entrepreneurial books and materials or attend workshops, seminars and conventions; it always a keen idea to be well informed. 

2. Network

Network, network, network! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to network. As an entrepreneur, especially a new entrepreneur, you should be networking as much as possible. There are many ways to network. You can network by attending business networking events (meet, use your social media platforms, and of course by distributing your business marketing materials.

3. Social Media

Technology is advancing and so should you. Social media is an integral element to entrepreneurship. You should have at least two social media platforms. I suggest twitter and Facebook. Social media can increase sales, brand awareness and clientele, so take advantage.

4. Marketing

Every entrepreneur should know some form of marketing. Marketing is what brings awareness around your brand. Marketing can either make your brand or break your brand. Regardless if you are marketing yourself, a product or a business you should have some type of marketing material. Must have marketing materials are (acid flyers): business cards , brochures, website, social media cards are a new and innovative way to market your business, service or product.

5. Consistency

This may seem a bit out of place but it is extremely important for an entrepreneur to be consistent. No business have ever succeeded without being consistent. When clients see that you are consistent they know and understand that you value your business and customer value. If you have a site, blog, or blog you should be consistent with content posts. Your social media posts should be synced with your site. You want all sites to be updated as much as possible and at the same time so that you can ensure that all your followers are up to date.

If you follow these elements I’m sure your business will thrive. Always remember that there is always information to be learned and treat your business as if you are a customer. Thank you for reading and subscribe to SevenOneEight to stay up to date to with the Brooklyn biz beat.

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