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At A Glance: The Lady with the Pass

November 12, 2014 Written by | No Comments

I know this blog is supposed to be about concerts and having access to them in the right way but up until now I haven’t really explained why this is even important to me or why you should listen to me. For this post will explore my Instagram feed to find out why.

On a good day I may post a poem excerpt or a funny revelation, but on a very good day there will be something live performance related.

One of my first posts was this one.

And then there's this @Lupefiasco is well…awesome.

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Yeah you read that right Lupe Fiasco replied to me on Twitter. But it more so about what I said in the tweet than the fact that he replied. I missed the other half of his set because I can’t take the train with my wheelchair. So when 11:00p.m. hit I had to leave because the last bus back to BK left at 11:45p.m. If I didn’t leave then I would been stuck in the city, struggling to find an accessible taxi that would probably cost me more than the ticket itself. You guess must be wondering if I sitting front row the next night. Well, the short answer to that question is no. The long answer is even if I wanted to I’d be stuck in the same situation as I was the day before. You may be thinking, “But what about Access-A-Ride?” AAR is no help when the reservation cutoff is 5p.m. the night before.Ultimately, I missed the Tetsuo & Youth preview part but I still got to see Stalley and Dee-1. A concertgoer like me has to look at the glass have full.

This next post gives you a glimpse into why stuff like this is so important to me.

#macproblems #mavericks #spinningball #ihateupdates #frustrated #sadface #nosoultape3 #nobueno

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I’m an aspiring music journalist with a focus on hip-hop who also knows how to rhyme. So although going to concerts may be a leisurely activity I see them as a source of professional development. After all music journalists cover shows.

In this picture of ASAP Rocky I was doing just that.

#asaprocky #powerhouse2k13 #asapmob #longliveasap #2013memories w/ @_chynaxo

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I was covering Power 105.1’s Powerhouse at the Barclays Center, one of the most accessible friendly venues I’ve been to yet. One can literally sit anywhere in the venue and be able to see the show. My sister still swears Trey Songz was looking right at her.

The same cannot be said for every venue though. The dude pictured below is The Weeknd. In October of 2013 I went to see him at Radio City Music Hall but once everyone stood up I couldn’t see him at all. $75 felt lost.

My friend Janae weren’t letting this experience beat me though. I bought tickets to the King of the Fall Tour, this time he was at Barclay’s and I wasn’t blinded by tall people.

We in there or nah? @baldiiechivk

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This next picture captures my love for music and festivals at the same time. That’s Chance The Rapper next to me, one of my favorite lyricists. I had the pleasure of meeting him at GovBall. As a volunteer his set was my first and best set. (I would say that even if I didn’t meet him.)

The wristband on my hand in this one is symbolic of how much I love J. Cole’s music as well as of how I drove all the way to the Highline from school and got wet in the rain.

This picture is about me testing my musical ear. To put it simply Mad Decent is an electronic music festival. It also hoe going to a EDM festival, where being on the ground didn’t scare me.

So there you have it, a little about me through my Instagram feed.


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