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Tips and Tricks: 5 Things to Do Before or After a Concert

November 1, 2014 Written by | No Comments


Call The Venue

Before you even purchase the ticket(s) make sure to call the venue in regards to accessibility. Then acquire about accommodations. If these are fitting to you buy the ticket, if they aren’t then you have a decision to make. Music or comfort?

Know Where The Bathrooms Are Before The Show Starts

If you know where the bathrooms are before the show begins you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding someone to tell you in the middle of the show, which could prove difficult in dark venues.

For the Power Wheelchair Users Out There CHARGE YOUR CHAIR

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you don’t want your chair to die in the middle of the show. Unless that’s how you measure how awesome the show was.

Always Have Someone to Call or a Back Up Plan

If your chair does indeed die or you miss your ride make you sure you have a back up plan or someone to call to help get your chair moving. Be prepared for the unknown.

Have Ways Of Getting Home

Concerts are notorious for ending late, so be sure to account for that lateness when you’re booking your ride home. You may be asking, “How do I do this?” Well, one thing you can do is call the box office and ask for estimated end time. Also if you’ve been to the venue a few times you may be able to gage when the show will end. If you forgot to call Access-A-Ride or didn’t time it right don’t fret, Google Maps and Wow Taxi are your friends. Google Maps can tell you how to get home using the bus or the train. But if like me ( a non-train user) buses both express and local come in handy. If you’ve missed the last bus, WOW Taxi is your best bet. It’s an app that dispatches accessible taxies to wherever you are. The only thing is that it only picks up in Manhattan but does take you elsewhere.

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