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Latest Scoop on Music Concerns: Above and Below Ground

December 11, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Andrew Kalleen,  A musician performing in Brooklyn was arrested after he refused to stop playing his music, causing a feud with the cops caught on video.   (nydailynews)

Many New York subway performers come together to take a stand towards the police after the incident with Kalleen occurred to show their support.   (huffingtonpost)

Concerning reasons why so many subway performers are getting arrested. (columbiaspectator)

A little girl lets loose and dances along with a crowd of people to the beat of a fellow subway musicians music causing excitement. (aol)

A look into this years annual 2014 Music Under New York Program competition held in Grand Central Station.  (mic)

U2 star Bono becomes a street musician for the day as he does a free performance for charity in Dublin as he does every year for the holidays. (nytimes)

Two young street performers show off their creativity as they perform with their homemade guitars made of brooms and shovels. (ultimateguitar)





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