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Mission statement/editorial plan

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Mission statement

This blog will focus on the every day commuter college student. The blog will explore these students’ everyday travels; such as delays in train service. This blog will attempt to provide an in-depth look at the pros and cons by hearing directly from students. Other issues that will be addressed include, how students adjust when they transfer from a big university and campus to a small commuter school. This blog is relevant because I believe many New York City students can relate to it. For example, Baruch is a commuter school. Although we do have dorms however, they are off campus. So it is still at least a 15 minute commute to school each day. Baruch’s dorms are also not just limited to Baruch students; we share the building with about three other schools. This blog targets local residents, incoming students, as well as freshmen or transfers who are new to the commuter student community. Some of the content that this blog will include will be photos from some daily commutes, Q&A’s, maps and useful tips. I will also try to provide transit information to help students plan their trips accordingly if they may have to take an alternate route.  I don’t think this is a highly covered topic, so in my opinion I believe that’s what separates this blog from the others. Also, as the publisher of the blog I feel as if I am a credible source; I am a commuter student. I did read two other blogs covering this topic. One focused on giving tips to help commuter students feel academically and socially fulfilled. Another one that I read, The Commuter Student, focused on the loneliness of a commuter student. Not engaging in any campus activities, and having high school friends who are away for school. Those are issues that are universal so I plan to cover them as well. I would also like to include a feature that allows my audience to let their voice be heard in a “letter to the editor” piece. In short, this blog will give students who commute information that will make life as a commuter easier and enlighten them on ways to make a small campus feel big.

Editorial Plan:

Types of content:

My plan is to write brief post similar to a tweet in the mornings updating the reader of transit info prior to their morning commute.

I will also include much larger detailed pieces with interviews with students and activities taking place on campus.

I also plan to include feature pieces stories from transfer students whom experienced campus life and commuter life.

Break Down The Numbers:

Shorter post 140+ words; longer posts 500+ words

Time To Create Post:

Approximately 2-3 hours

Frequency of Updates: 

Brief post everyday

Longer post 1-2 times a week, ideally at the start and end of each week

Possible Interviewees:

Joshua Gener – transfer student

Sheridan Taylor – Baruch student living in the dorms

A social psychology professor because they deal with attitudes and behaviors of individuals and how situations may influence them


Videos/podcast covering interviews

Photos from Staten Island Ferry riders and subway passengers

Photos of events at Baruch

Specific Story Ideas:

The closing of  25th street to create the plaza at Baruch. How that gave Baruch more of a campus feel.



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