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Cycle Path : A chat with biker and photographer Steve

October 23, 2014 Written by | No Comments


Steve with his beloved bike


“I think people are going to find the pink lock funny”




” the results of me constantly tweaking this bike”

IMG_2148I had the pleasure of chatting with cool, calm and collective biker by the name of Steve. Such a small world, it turns out that Steve and I at some point in our life both attended LaGuardia CC in Long Island City. We shared a common interest in photography, but the main conversation starter was Steve’s bike. Steve has been cycling in New York for about 8 years, so he knows his way around the city on a bike. I asked him a few questions about what it’s like being a cyclist in a crowded city of New York, and what might have lead to him being on a bike rather than the train, bus, or in a car. Steve mentioned that he just enjoyed the easy feel of biking, and he liked getting his hands dirty by building and fixing his bikes. As he moved to New York from Scotland, he felt that the best way to get to know the City was to get lost in it, “there’s no better way to get lost in the city than on a bike”. Steve studied photography at LaGuardia, so he takes a like into viewing the landscape of New York as he tours it on his bike. Aside from the fun part of cycling in New York, we also talked about some of its dangers. He laughed as he said this but I could actually relate a bit about this experience,” it almost feels like everyone hates bikers in New York”. Taxi drivers not respecting the bike lanes sometimes, being hated by pedestrian or drivers if you try to share the road. But    although New Yorkers are known to be rude, bike riders tend be actually nice to each other, by greeting with nods as they bike pass each other or giving bike compliments as they ride by, it’s a heart warming feeling, and it’s welcoming feeling, something that’s very rare in NY sometimes.

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