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Mission Statement/Editorial Plan

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Mission Statement

New York City – the birthplace of Salsa music. New Yorkers have heard or seen the hot, sultry, and spicy music and dancing all over the five boroughs. However, some people find Salsa to be very intimidating for various reasons. I have heard it all: “It is too fast,” “I am not Latino/a,” “I have two left feet,” “I don’t have time,” “I am not good at it.” Many New Yorkers believe that they understand what Salsa music and dancing is all about but what they really lack is experience in the New York City Salsa vibe. The purpose of this blog is to take readers inside the Salsa scene in New York City.

My target audience will be men and women of any age and ethnicity. It is never too early or too late for anyone to learn about the Salsa community. This is for the world to read. Throughout my years in the Salsa scene, I have met many people from across the globe who choose to learn about Salsa because they feel awkward at dance parties or simply want to spice up their lives with a new hobby. The whole beauty and idea of this blog is to not make anyone feel that they are being restricted from joining the Salsa world. Nonetheless, I want to welcome everyone to feel or come acquainted with what the Latin American culture has to offer in the big apple.

The need of this blog is to introduce to New Yorkers as well as outsiders to the expansion of Salsa. It has hugely evolved through out the years but yet some are not well informed on what New York Salsa really is or where to find it. The Salsa scene is very much different from what you might think or see at a nightclub. It isn’t only about the rhythm or movements, it’s about the discipline of foot patterns and timing at the right beat. It’s as easy as “1-2-3, 5-6-7”. So what’s the hidden message behind these numbers? Can you hear, feel, or show it?

Welcome to New York Salsa or as the Salseros/Salseras say “Salsa on 2”. This is what makes New York Salsa very unique and catch the eye of many people! Salsa dancing has now become so diverse, allowing people to gather and demonstrate their talents and passion as an artwork. People are not only awed the by this sensual and fierce dancing, but by the way it has changed and inspired the lives of others that I think it is time to share it with you. My vision for this blog is to guide you and deliver the latest news on the Salsa community. You will be informed on some of the most amazing dance studios in NYC, the events that are held yearly, the sizzling salsa nightlife socials, the lives of salsa dancers, how it changed certain communities and the lives of many people. I will post pictures that are symbolic and express emotion. Also, I want to post videos that will give you a better insight of Salsa dancing and drive you to move with the music.

My blog is definitely on a sharper edge than other blogs out there. It is not the typical “How-To” or “It’s all about Salsa and I” blog. As stated above, my intention is to bring the Salsa scene to light. I will be covering Salsa from different angles in New York City. I want to share true stories with you in the hopes of inspiring and conveying the latest information.

I have browsed around the Internet and found a couple of blogs that shared their experiences with Salsa dancing but one that I liked very much was the “Salsa-dancing-addict.” A man named Arren, blogs about his experience in the Salsa scene and how he became addicted to it ever since. As I was reading through, I connected with his story. I reminisced about my very first day of Salsa and oh, how those feelings returned… I was interested in reading more but I found it very disappointing how much detail there is in one page. I must say, it could very overwhelming for any beginner or even drive the reader to close the page. The worst news was to find the blog not being updated. I clicked on the list of events and the last update that I saw was in October 2, 2013! It looks like the blog has been completely abandoned for a year now. This is something I will definitely take into consideration if I want my readers to stay. I definitely do advise the blogger to stay on track and do something of the colors used and organization of his page.

Well New Yorkers, now that you know what is expected of me, I hope my work does not disappoint. Salsa is like the sauce, hot and spicy! If you put the right ingredients it will sure taste delicious! My advice to you, “Dance First and Think Later!”

Editorial Plan:

The significance of my blog is about the Salsa Scene in New York City. I want to inform my readers about the Salsa community, places, and events to go in the 5 boroughs.

Types of content:

I’d like to create a great visual effect of the Salsa passion to my readers conveying it through my writing. I will include:

  • Updates on social media (Instagram and Facebook) preferably any day from Thursday to Sunday: Places such as Salsa studios, Salsa restaurants, and Salsa clubs to attend to.
  • Large posts will have interviews with Howie Lorenz, Julissa Pena, or Jose Mariscal (Owners of Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in the 5 boroughs) and Salsa students (beginner, intermediate, and advance.)
  • Short posts will have special entertaining events/ Salsa performances in NYC.
  • All posts will have pictures featured in. Videos will be for the larger posts.

Break Down The Numbers:

Longer posts will contain 500 words and up.  Shorter posts will contain at least 200 words.

Time To Create Posts:

I would need at least 4 hours because I’d like to incorporate passion into my work. I wouldn’t want to rush my way through it. I want to be very precise and organized with the pictures and videos I will include.

Frequency of Updates: 

I would like to update at least every once a week and twice a week maximum. I am particularly focused on posting any day from Thursdays to Sundays.

Possible Interviewees

  • Howie Lorenz – Owner of Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in Glendale
  • Jose Mariscal – Owner of Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in Manhattan
  • Professional Salsa Dancers who performed in one of the greatest events in NYC, “The New York International Salsa Congress”: Andrea Rosado, Luigi Zambrano
  • Professional Salsa Instructors
  • Salsa Students (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance)
  • “Salsa on 1” and “Salsa on 2” Dancers


  • Pictures of Salsa Dancers/Dancing, Salsa events, Salsa restaurants, Salsa clubs, and anyone who is participating in the Salsa Community
  • Videos of Salsa lessons, Dancing, The Salsa scene – better known as “Salsa Socials” which takes place particularly on the weekends

Specific Story Ideas:

  • The opening of “Lorenz Latin Dance Studio”.
  • The first Salsa Studio in Glendale, Queens
  • Before and After the Salsa studio
  • The expansion of Salsa studios in the 5 boroughs

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