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Cycling LAWS, Yes it’s an actual thing.

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This is probably something I should have discussed in my first blog post, but having been new to owning a bike as an adult I didn’t know that their were actual rules towards cycling in the city. Those who cycle in NYC no matter what conditions such as the delivery guys, mail guys and those who have committed to making cycling their only form of transportation are probably aware of these kind of regulations. But the website has the rules and regulations for cycling in NY, such as wearing a helmet, having front and back lights on your bike when riding at night. Pretty much all of the things you would expect something that says rules and regulations. But because of certain of the growing number of recent bike and car accidents or bikes and pedestrians accident, the rules are being more enforced. Just not long ago a young lady was struck by a bus driver when she had the right of way and was riding her bike in the bike lane, the bike driver argument was that he did not see her. She was a young Swedish model who had moved to the New York to continue her modeling career. Here’s the link to the story.

Swedish model gets into bike accident caused by a bus driver.

The NYC.Gov website has little booklets to bikers can use to get a better idea of the rules and regulations of cycling. You can get the actual booklet if you like at some of your local bike shops or just download the PDF from the website @

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Central Park also had to make some panel changes and speed limit changes because of an accident caused by a cyclist hitting a woman while riding in the park. NEW YORK TIMES

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Michael Nagle for The New York Times




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