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Mission Statement + Editorial Plan

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Statement of Purpose

As a wheelchair-bound New Yorker and avid concertgoer I have found that not all venues are prepared to offer their physically challenged patrons an awesome experience. This blog is meant to help physically challenged concertgoers navigate their experiences, increase venue awareness, and ultimately come up with practical solutions.

Target Audience

My target audience won’t only be physically challenged concertgoers. It will  appeal to everyone who has a love for live performance including people who follow I Love Free Concerts, My Free Concerts, and even buying and selling ticket Facebook group. Admittedly, at the beginning the content will be targeted toward mainstream music listeners.

Blog Necessity

This blog is a necessity because physically challenged patrons pay for their tickets like everyone else. So at the least, they should expect to be able to access the venue, be able to view the concert, and access the bathrooms. These are all things that if not possible can ruin the concertgoer’s experience regardless of how great the show is. This blog is meant to avoid or help these issues. No one should have to say that they disliked a concert because the service was bad—physically challenged or not.


The content of the blog would consist of tips for concertgoers, venue reviews, and an occasional venue spotlight that would either include an interview from a venue employee. There will also be Concert Critique from recent concertgoers detailing what they liked or disliked about their experience. This would be where the multimedia would come in.

Special/Sets Apart/Other Coverage

There’s no other blog out there that is focusing on what I am. There are other blogs that focus on accessibility issues and disability awareness, but they all focus on “serious

issues” like education equality or affordable housing.

 Editorial Plan

.In regards to content I feel like the best forms would be interviews, coverage of shows, and an occasional guest bloggers who would talk about their experiences. In an ideal world I would post about three times a week. Depending on the kind of the post I have to write, I would say 6-8 hours or so, that includes planning and coordination. In regards to interviewees, I don’t have all the names yet. But venue managers at Highline, Irving Plaza, Gramercy, and a few others. As well as some people from Live Nation and the Barclays Center. I feel like the blog would be photo centric but the camera on phone is kind of iffy. Recurring content would be “Concert Critique” and “Venue Reviews” along with the interviews.


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