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Sportsmanship or Talent? Analyzing the Percy Harvin trade for the sake of a team’s success.

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Sportsmanship or Talent? Analyzing the Percy Harvin trade for the sake of a team’s success.

With week 7 of the NFL season being out the door, the NFL’s midway point is quickly approaching. With that comes the NFL trade deadline on October 28, but 2 teams decided now was the right time for a change and made a deal just a few days ago.

This past Friday October 17th, the New York Jets exchanged a conditional mid round draft pick with the Seattle Seahawks for the rights to Wide Receiver Percy Harvin. The talented offensive player will provide the Jets the help they need in scoring points, but the overall team chemistry of the Seahawks is sure to improve with Harvin’s departure due to documented off the field issues.

The term good sportsmanship can vary in meaning depending on the sport itself. But one mutual factor will always be respect. Respect for the game being played and respect for one’s teammates and even opponents can determine good sportsmanship. After being drafted in the 1st round by the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, Harvin is now on his 3rd team after being traded twice for similar reasons.

Coming out of college, Harvin was an extremely touted talent. He was one the leaders of the Florida Gators, and a BCS Championship winner in both 2006 and 2009. Career success came early as Harvin became the first Minnesota Viking to score a touchdown in each of his first 3 games, and the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year in 2009. Along with the accomplishments, however also came a problem with Harvin’s character. It was constantly reported and documented that Harvin was one to come into conflicts with teammates. With one of the most known being his bad mouthing of then quarterback Christian Ponder.

In 2013 the Vikings apparently had enough and traded Harvin the Vikings for 3 draft picks. His almost one and a half seasons in Seattle has been full of un-sportsmanship like conduct although.  A report from the Seattle times, stated how Harvin had gotten into fights with teammates. With the altercations being both physical and verbal. This kind of behavior can drastically hurt a team as its chemistry can severely downfall due to off the field matters.

The Jets on the other hand now have a wide receiver with more talent and potential than anyone else on their roster. Only time will tell if Harvin’s behavior will be good or bad. If he stays out of trouble the Jets may have made a steal of a deal, but now playing for New York the spotlight will be on and brighter than ever on Harvin.

Without a doubt, any fan of the sport can tell you Percy Harvin is a unique talent. But is his skill worth the problems. If one is to be a true part of a team they must cooperative and coordinate with their team.  Harvin has lacked this element thus far in his career. His time now on the Jets will truly define if he is a good NFL player or just a trouble maker attached to drama.

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