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Acquainting With The Salsa Spice

October 22, 2014 Written by | No Comments

VIDEO: Interview with Joel Guzman. A beginner student at Lorenz Latin Dance Studio, Manhattan explains his motive and passion for Salsa Dancing.

Salsa does not only captivate New Yorkers attention by their physical appearance or hearing, but it also has the powerful effect to reel you in mentally and emotionally.

At the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in Manhattan one recent Friday night, dancers spun and twirled to the beat of the Salsa music. The women wore their sparkly satin high heel Burju shoes. The men comfortably dressed in plain fitted t-shirts and pants. The disco lights flashed all over the dance floor: Up, down, left and right, capturing every hip and leg Salsa styling movements. Dancers maneuvered their way through the dance floor as best as they could. Mirrors on the wall reflected many of Salseros’ and Saleras’ passionate face and body expressions. It was fascinating to view how they poured their heart, body, and soul into a world they can escape to.

It was a good time to enjoy Salsa dancing in one of the greatest well-known Salsa dance studios of New York. New Yorkers are fascinated by the sensuous and sultry Salsa dancing, music, and scene. When you acquaint yourself with it, its mixture of exotic Latin dance movements, beats, and rhythms mesmerizes you. In a city that is so diverse, people of all ages, ethnicities, and races come together to experience the wonders of Salsa. That is, building a social network, having a good time, boosting happiness, relieving stress, or even being a better dancer, and much more. Salsa does not only captivate New Yorkers attention by their physical appearance or hearing, but it also has the powerful effect to reel you in mentally and emotionally.

I had the pleasure to interview Joel Guzman, a beginner student that started taking Salsa lessons at Lorenz Latin Dance Studio, Manhattan 2 months ago. When I sat by the benches to take a break at socials night, I noticed the curiosity and enthusiasm in his face with learning Salsa. I definitely had to ask away, “Why the interest?”

“I knew “kitchen Salsa” as Guzman would say. I officially decided to take the step when I went to Atlantic City. Everyone knew what they were doing and I didn’t know a damn thing. “ Guzman said. “That was it. I did a few turns. She saw that I didn’t know what I was doing and she walked away. I went back that weekend and asked Jose when is his next class.”

It was interesting to learn that the reason behind Guzman joining the Salsa world was to become a better dancer. He shared with me that the woman’s rejection and his lack of skills on the dance floor led him to spontaneously sign up. Knowing “Kitchen Salsa” as he says, is not the same as knowing “Salsa On 2”. The difference between these two styles is that “Kitchen Salsa” has no structure or rules on the dance floor as which the other does. He mentions that he wants to come in to a club one day and show off more than just the basic Salsa skills and enjoy a good time doing so.

Another reason that people want to start Salsa dancing is a desire to overcome fears. Carlos Hervias is an advanced student at Lorenz Latin Dance Studio, Glendale. At socials night, I witnessed how busy he was on the dance floor. At every fast and slow paced song, he was not afraid to ask the ladies out. Nor would the ladies reject his offer. Now you’re probably thinking, “of course, he is an advance student… “ Do you really think that it is? When I asked him the following: “Did you always dance?”

“No, no, no. Actually I never danced before. Not even in family parties or anything like that. I would always run away when family members tried to ask me out to dance.” – Hervias said.

I was shocked. I don’t think anyone could believe that the person in front of me had a fear of dancing just a couple of years ago. Salsa proves that anyone can overcome them. He continues, “I was a little intimidated and I was scared, but once you learn a little Salsa, you gain confidence and that helps you a lot’’ He said. It is amazing to see how Salsa brings out the best side of people.

As you see New Yorkers, Salsa makes great wonders. Everyone on that dance floor is there for the same purpose as you: To discover the pleasures of Salsa. And if you ever stand behind that studio door one night hesitating to walk in, just remember: Acquaint with the spice!

Thalia Berrospi

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