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Underground Fighting Brought To The Light

November 19, 2014 Written by | No Comments

  • Underground Boxing isn’t restricted to New York City, it’s expanded to the UK, Bare-Knuckle style. The fighters in the UK aren’t too fond of boxing gloves, instead choosing to fight the way it’s done in the streets. (Cool-Material, Video by Vice)
  • NYC photographer Devin Yalkin discovers the boxing underworld through his camera lens. He heard about the event like most people do, through word of mouth, there are no ads on the subway for these type of events. (Time Light Box)
  • Boxing event in the Lower East Side attracted police attention and was shut down at 1:30 am. Entry into this event required a $15 cover charge but that’s the easy part. In order to attend the event you need to know someone and be invited via email, then receive a text message the day before with the location. (New York Eater)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is starting to take the underground by storm with a league called the “Underground Combat League.” MMA events were banned by New York State in 1997 and Peter Storm created the league instead of waiting for a change. (Fightland)
  • Friday Night Throwdown, an unsanctioned boxing league in NYC draws some interest from New York Times Magazine writer Jacob Brown. FNT’s event had it all, models, promoters, a “star” by the name of “Rockstar Charlie”, booze, and three ringside judges away from being a legal event. (New York Times)

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