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September 16, 2014 Written by | 3 Comments

For my first blog topic, I was thinking with the holiday season approaching it might not be a bad idea to do something relating to shopping malls. I, myself live in Valley Stream, Long Island; therefore I would choose to cover throughout the Long Island area. I know right off the bat of 3 malls that currently going through changes so it would be nice to track and write about them for the web. With the holiday season, I would be able to capture shopping malls at its peak times as well as be able to speak to customers/consumers on how they feel on the upcoming changes will help them out.

With my second blog topic, I have an idea that is similar to Food Babe; but instead would relate it to food carts. Food carts are becoming very popular and are now popping up in almost all areas. I would go around trying to find out exactly what makes a particular food cart a well-known destination, and further try to get an insight on all of the ingredients and methods used to cook. With this I would also be able to speak to people currently buying food and I can ask them questions on the spot.

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  •   MOLLY DENG // Sep 16th 2014 at 3:18 pm

    I really like your second idea and that may be because I love to eat but I think the idea of visiting food trucks or carts and speaking to the owners is definitely an idea worth pursuing, especially since there are so many in the city!

  •   VHaller // Sep 17th 2014 at 9:36 am

    I think the mall idea is interesting because it seems quite original to me. You could talk to people about their strategies when they visit a mall, you could do a story on security issues, the mall “walkers” (elderly people who get their exercise there), as well as news about the upcoming holiday season. The food cart blog also is interesting but I’d urge you to find a stronger angle for the blog. So much is written about food carts in NYC that it would be difficult to do something that another blogger is already doing. We’ll talk more in class.

  •   Liz Kim // Sep 17th 2014 at 11:44 am

    The mall blog idea is something I haven’t seen before so I’m already intrigued! You could also interview the smaller businesses outside of the mall and get their opinions on how the traffic usually flows during this time of year (i.e. do people prefer the malls or do they prefer the independent sellers outside of it?). I also agree that this idea is more fleshed out and unique than the food carts blog.