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Steroids & Salaries: Making the link of drug use to some of the highest earners

December 14, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Most athletes are into their sport because they want to be the best. If not they at least want to earn a ton of money so they can be set after retirement. But the extent to where some players go is too far. While aiming to be on top on a performance basis is it worth the use of drugs, in particular steroids or performance enhancing drugs.

Below are some of the most successful athletes whose careers were linked to steroids. As you can see they were some of the top statistical performers in their respective sports. They also were some of highest earning. Performing so well that the money earned is above most others in the game.

While drug use occurs in all sports. Steroids is more popular in baseball. Reason being to me is simple, baseball has no salary cap and players potentially can earn a lot more than in other sports. Below is a breakdown of all the major team payrolls across the 3 major sports of baseball, basketball, and football.


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