Mess Post (right vs wrong)

I’ve chosen to mess with the right versus wrong binary as it is compelling to me. It was said that usually in right vs wrong situations that the “right” behavior is usually associated with winning and rewards. In the case of right vs wrong that would indicate that there is a loser. In the situation I am presenting from the Rollo at Play: Into The Woods, there was no winner and loser. Both boys took the high road so I would say they were both winners. On page 29, the boys are discussing the situation with one of the boys missing half dollar.

“James stood still a minute, thinking; presently he said ‘well Rollo, I my half dollar is lost, but I am glad yours is safe, any rate.'”

“I am sorry yours is lost,” said Rollo, “But then I can give you half of what I buy with mine.”


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