One thought on “Historical Text (Phenomenon: Fantasy VS Reality)

  1. First. You need to post these things on your group’s site. If you want to post a link here, that’s fine, but I should be able to see these things develop on your site.

    Second: You don’t include any citation information or description of the text or conversation about how you’re going to use these texts in your project.

    Third: The link to Snow White does not work.

    The link to Alice in Wonderland seems interesting though it is not named properly since it is a link to a specific 1972 newspaper. Here’s where I needed you to do the work of describing, citing, and explaining how you would use this document.

    The link to Freud’s Development is not a link to a document. It is a link to a Wikipedia page.

    The “Children’s Reaction to TV & Drama” might be interesting, but the link should be to the actual document and not the abstract (unless you guys are only interested in the abstract). Also this document is less historical and more contemporary.

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