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The story “The Twins” explains how two twin girls dealt with their problem. After hearing their mother read aloud a book detailing the loneliness of a character in the book, the twins come to the conclusion that if they were to teach their cats to dance, they would never be lonely. The twin girls each have a lamb, dog, and a cat. They fail to teach their pets to dance, but calmly resolve their situation by moving on to a different activity and accepting the animals’ lack of skill in dance.

While reading “The Twins” I realized that the story was very similar to the Disney T.V. show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”. The show was about twin brothers, Zack and Cody, dealing with problems they would face in their suite. The show is similar to the story in multiple ways such as the use of twins, dealing with loneliness,¬†and the absurd conclusions that are made by the children. For example, Mary Ann and Mary Jane make the conclusion that teaching their cats to dance will keep them occupied, while Zack and Cody make conclusion such as going through the hotel’s air conditioning duct in order to get themselves into a private wedding. The characters in both the story and the show have a very unconventional way of thinking that is often associated with kids. The two works of literature both detail the struggle and resolution of hows kids overcome obstacles that come their way.


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