“The Twins” in comparison to “Sister, Sister”

The children’s literature text I read from The Boston Literary History site was “The Twins”, Juvenile Miscellany.  This story is about two twin sisters that are alike in every way.  They both have a cat, a dog and a lamb.  The sisters are young in age and at heart.  They love each other and love life.  During the story, the girls listen to a story being told by their mother and come up with the idea to teach their pet cats to dance.  The attempt was unsuccessful yet the twins did not fall into the mischievousness and disappointment of their plan for entertainment.  They took it light, laughed at the animals and continued their childish play.


In comparison,  I saw similarities from this text in the television show “Sister, Sister” where two twin sisters (teenagers) experience growing pains and disappointments in their lives.  Through these life lessons, they both remain cool, calm and continue to smile, laugh and take light of the situation at hand.

“It made the little girls laugh very much to see a lamb stamp its foot. Mary Jane said, “The lambs, and the kittens and the dogs all act so wild, that we shall never teach them to dance.” Then the girls went into their own little garden, to gather some flowers; and they fastened them in the collars of Snow-ball and Snow-drop; and the little lambs looked very pretty indeed, with the posies round their necks. The dogs and the kittens had a great frolic together; and then they laid down in the sunshine and went to sleep.”
 “The Twins,” Juvenile Miscellany, 1833, Volume 5, Issue 2