Curious George (1941) Mess Post

Curious George (1941) uses the binary of human and nonhuman in story to teach a lesson to kids about curiosity and decision making. This original story begins with a monkey who is captured by a hunter, travels with him, and during this time gets himself into mischief. To be more precise, the story uses an animal from Africa to demonstrate the difference between decision making from black and white people. George the monkey (non human)  symbolizes African Americans, and the hunter(human) represents White Americas . The story begins with the curiosity of the Hunter who is a white man, and his interest in George. When he decides to capture George, there are no mistakes. The Hunter easily captures George. However, when George gets curious and has an idea of his own, something bad happens. An example of this is shown in the boat scene “On the deck, He found some seagles. He wondered how they could fly. He was very curious. Finally, he had to try. It looked easy, but, oh what happened? First this, and then this”. When George thought of an idea, he accidentally fell into the water and almost got himself killed. His decision making is flawed. Overall, this demonstrated the belief that the decision of a white person is superior to that of a black person.


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