Boys will be Girls….

Throughout the Harry Potter series, we see how Harry, Ron, and Hermione are always together and facing trials with each other.  However, something we don’t see a lot of is the stereotype that “girls group together and gossip”, especially with Hermione.  Throughout “The Prisoner of Azkaban”, unless she is with Ron and Harry, she tends to be studying alone.  In fact, it is the boys that group together and travel in cliques.  Ron, Harry, Neville, Dean, and Seamus share a room and get together outside of the dorms as well.  The same goes for Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle.  They never seem to leave each others’ sides.  They spread gossip and travel around together in cliques, which is usually a female stereotype.

One thought on “Boys will be Girls….

  1. That’s a really interesting comment. What of female sociality in this story? How come Hermione has no girl friends? And yet she is also not totally a part of the boy’s in-group.

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