By Shel Silverstein
Bouncin’ upon the trampoline
So high above the ground,
Just as I was goin’ up
I saw her-comin’ down.
She had a daisy in her hair,
She wore a silken gown.
But when she started goin’ up,
I was comin’ down.
I tried to say, “Hello-nice day.”
She smiled and spun around.
“Come up awhile with me,” yelled she,
But I was goin’ down.
And so, as yet, we’ve never met
Because we’ve sadly found
That one is always goin’ up
While one is comin’ down.

Silverstein, Shel. “Trampoline.” Every Thing On It: Poems and Drawings. New York: HarperCollins Children’s, 2011. N. pag. Print.