Child as a Site- Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a story involving wizards, magical monsters, and a strange secret world where the impossible was possible.  As children, we dream of magic in our very ordinary lives.  Harry Potter brought all these things to life.  They allowed both children and adults to imagine this world involving magical beings and incredible feats right under our very noses.  This book uses a child as a site of desire because these fantasies have long since died from the minds of adults.  Children can freely connect the real world to the world of magic because of the way the other world is hidden with very simple explanations.  Being able to enter another place by jumping through a wall or flying on a broomstick can be explained away with physics, which most adults would do.  Children, however, do not understand this concept yet, so the child is the ideal audience for the author.

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  1. I see what you’re saying, but I do think you’re being too general. You’re saying everyone likes the fantasy of the non real. I think it would have been stronger for you to pick a specific part of Potter an a specific fantasy (or a story adults need to tell) that part illustrates.

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