community service

I feel like at least one time in everyone’s life one should take part in some sort community service. I hear some of my friends not want to take part in walks or volunteering because they don’t have the time. But really most of the time, helping out could be done but that free time is taken up by hanging out, playing games or elsewhere. I might not be the most active person doing community service but I have contributed some of my time here and there. Around my sophomore and junior year, I joined my friends who were in our school’s key club to the breast cancer walk for both years. It was pretty fun to just walk with my friends through central park in addition to overall helping with the cause. It may not be a soup kitchen kind of help but I have volunteered at a tutoring place near my house for kids ages 5-13. Also with my dance crew, we would dance anywhere there could be a big group of people and just be silly to make someone’s day better. One time especially though, we went to a senior center to just put on a mini show just for the fun of it not really expecting anything in return. It was more practice for us and entertaining for everyone else.

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