What I think about myself never seems to stick to one characteristic. ¬†You can say I’m weird but I’m proud of that. Being “normal” feels so plain and boring in a sense that I would rather be spontaneous, loud, and carefree. This is completely different to how I was maybe 2 years ago. Back then, you would probably know me as the girl in the class that never says a word, or the girl that keeps to herself on the subway, but in general the tiny little Asian girl in the back. On the other hand, now I might still be the girl in the class that never says a word here and there, my voice is heard, I am super loud on the subway with laughing and talking. In general nowadays I’m the tiny little Asian girl that laughs a lot.

In a way I was always an upbeat hyperactive girl, but it used to be only to the people that I’ve known and grown comfortable with after a while. Over time, I have been able to be that with more and more people and even people I haven’t met before in my life as an icebreaker. I guess I have grown to be more open and though I may come off to people I first meet, as a bit strange I feel like I can be remembered as such instead of something worse. I’m very random; I have short attention spans on some occasions. I could be telling a story and if a cute dog or squirrel passes by or something behind the person I’m talking to happens my attention would go of immediately. I really like shiny things and heart shaped stuff too! As you can tell my attention span while writing this monologue is going off a little as well. What else is there to mention? i like to cook/bake, play sports, draw, explore, get lost, anything. I am definitely accident prone, a ball magnet, clumsy, etc. I seem to get hurt every single day; could be major or a little bump but at least once a day. Whenever there is a ball tossed around anywhere near me, even if I am in a group of people, that ball will find its way to hit me. I was hit by a football, volleyball, handball, soccer ball, and a snowball. Probably the only ball that has not yet hit me is a baseball, let’s hope not. I guess to conclude it all is that i’ a girl that just like to have fun, be random, be crazy, be silly but also know to be serious, be considerate of others but definitely to have fun!

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