Changing what actually happened

I believe that hisotry can be tampered with to make people or events seem different then they actually were. Although somethign or someone can be a primary source it might not be one hundred percent accurate. For example, in the movie Inglorious Bastards the character Col. Hans Landa is a Nazi and was given the name “The jew hunter”. At the end of the movie Col. Hans realizes that the end of the war is inevitable so he makes a deal saying he conditionally surrenders and says “When the military history of this night is written, it will be recorded, that I was part of “Operation Rino” from the very beginning, as a double agent.” Col. Hans was one of the worst Nazis and he lies to save himself from war crimes and make himself seem like a hero. Events like this could have happened throughout history and no one now would ever know the truth about what really happened.

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