The Secondary Source with Force

David Blight’s book seems interesting to me because it would help supplement the knowledge that I gain from this history class as well as providing more information and serving as a secondary source. It would give me more information into learning about Reconstruction and freedom in relation to the African Americans in the South after the Civil War, which may be helpful in learning about it. Anyone who is in college and is required to complete a report on reconstruction or anyone who desires to learn more about it would greatly enjoy as well as equally benefit from this book. Besides helping students, this book would benefit history teachers who want to improve their knowledge of Reconstruction in order to better teach their classes as well as providing a secondary source in the process.

It definitely sounds as if Eric Foner is a big fan of the book due to the positively uprising book review that he had given it. Moreover, Eric Foner seems not only to be a big fan of Blight’s book, but also a fan of Reconstruction as a whole. The book review tells me that historical memory in relation to Reconstruction must be preserved and passed on so that people can remember and share the factual information behind Reconstruction.

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