Freedom in politics!

2/25/1870-Washington, DC: Hiram Revels, 1st African American Senator from Mississippi, taking oath of office in Washington.

In chapter 15 Foner spoke about the many types of freedom African Americans wanted and were granted. The rights to an education, the right to vote, right for citizenship, the right to hold office, ect.

Freedom to be part of politics was realized in the short term prior to 1877. African American men participated in Georgia politics for the first time during Reconstruction from 1867 to 1876.  Hiram Revels became the first African American senator in American History followed by Blanche Bruce in 1875. Besides Revels, during the reconstruction 14 African Americans were elected  to the National House of representative and two more served in the U.S Senate. About 700 African Americans sat in state legislatures during the Reconstruction period.  

In the long run prior to 2010 the freedom was still realized and demonstrated.  Edward W. Brooks, Carol Moseley Braum, Barack Obama , who later became the first African American president in American history demonstrating the extent to which freedom in politics has drastically (much needed and desired) changed during the years ; and currently Roland Burris have been the only  African Americans to serve as senates since Hiram Revels.

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