Wells, Ida B. Doing the Same

Ida B. Wells was an African-American journalist and newspaper editor. She was considered to be one of the most influential and inspiring black leaders of all time. She was known for investigating about lynching of Negroes and the charges they put against them. Racial tensions in Memphis were very high and in one incident, her friends were be lynch mobbed and the police did nothing to stop the white people who did this. Their rationale for this was that Negroes would rape their white women. Wells wrote an article stating how this was untrue, and her newspaper was destroyed. However, she moved to New York and continued her fight to reveal the truth.

The motivation behind Ida B Wells’ was that she wanted to reveal the truth to the public. Her close friends were killed because of racial tensions and their excuse was because of “rape.” However, as she dug for the truth, she realized it was a lie and as she published it, the white folks got angry with her. She eventually became the leader of the Anti-Lynching Crusade fighting against this reckless crime.

1. How did you feel when your friends were lynched without any good reason?

2. What kept you motivated to continue your work knowing your life was at risk?

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